Q. Security


ANDY JONES. 01926 853001 or 07595 799 759 for words of wisdom.
ANDY JONES. 01926 853001 or 07595 799759


We have always kept secure, accurate hand written records of all the items we have made. Records now go back over 23 years.

This means we can go back and check drawings and written  information so we can make items to match to a previous order.

Any information given to us never has and never will be used for any kind of marketing or contact. Information is never seen by anyone else. Our records are fully paper based and secure.

We depend upon word of mouth and personal recommendation for the majority of our sales. We have done work for well known people and in secure situations. Total discretion is assured.

Over the years we have stuck to the following rules.

  •  We never have Sales.
  •  We never have discounts.
  •  We never knock money off for cash.
  •  We never forget the V.A.T.    I do like to keep life simple and sleep at night.

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