J. Knotless Wood – Radiata

Knotless wood

knotless wood – Radiata.  This is a farmed wood with no knots. Works out about half the cost of using Oak.  We can buy this 18mm and 25mm thick. It can be used  to make all styles of furniture but we have no supplier of turned legs or architrave in this wood. As a rule of thumb we take a normal price for an item in Redwood pine and add 30% . This covers the cost of using knotless wood.Work content is the same as working in Redwood. See pictures in the other sections for ideas of what can be made. Can be stained any colour.  Looks very good as a top on a painted unit.

The pictures below show items that we have produced in  knotless – almost anything can be done. Contact us for ideas and costs.

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