D. Dressers


We can make Dressers  to any size and in numerous styles with features to suit you in various woods. The trick is to make sure it looks balanced. Do a rough sketch of what you think you would like. Drop a vertical line down the middle and work outwards. Use the top of the base as a horizontal line and make sure again it just looks right in that the top reflects the base. Go as big as you can for the space it is going into, and check sizes so it looks right for the room.  Dressers can be painted in any colour or stained any shade. Give us a call with your sizes and basic ideas and we will be happy to explain all you options and give you an estimate. Have a look at the price guide – it is what it says. Something about that size and style will be about that price.   All Dressers are one offs made to order. Andy

Dresser prices – click here for guidance.

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