F. Beds


Background information on Mattress and bed sizing. Phone for a chat and words of wisdom. We build a bed to suit your mattress. We do not sell mattress. Most mattress are still made to the old Imperial sizes. ( Feet and inch ).

A single will be 36″ wide and 75″ long. A double is 54″ wide and still 75″ long.

A King size is 60″ wide and increases in length to 78″.

Above this you can have Super king size at 72″ wide – sometimes known as a Duchess size ( To Americans ) or Super King size.

The mattress can sit inside the frame, or as a Divan style when it will sit on top of the frame. There are companies who will make a mattress of a size and density to suit you. If you are tall then we make the bed longer. No problem.If you have a bad back then we go up or down in height to suit you. You spend third of your life in bed – get it right. If you are big then we put in extra supports. Silent Night Mattress logo is a Hippo and a little Duck. Says it all.


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Beds. Made in a number of styles and timber. Final build is on site as shown. Not difficult. Even I can do it. Andy

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